• Elegance & Sophistication

    Elegance & Sophistication

    La Grill Hotel add a dash of elegance and sophistication to the county of Berbice.

  • La Grill Restaurant

    La Grill Restaurant

    We have the best in both Creole and English cuisines. Stop by sometime and have a bite.

  • La Grill Car Rental

    La Grill Car Rental

    Drive in style and comfort when you come to Berbice.

  • La Grill Restaurant, Hotel & Car Rental

    La Grill Restaurant, Hotel & Car Rental

    Visit Berbice and Stay in Style.

Welcome to La Grill

La Grill Restaurant, Hotel & Car Rental is an oasis in the county of Berbice. Here you will find all that is needed for you to have a good time. Our restaurant offers both Creole and English dishes. Our aim is to offer hospitality services with a touch of class and sophistication. Hope to see you soon, come have a drink, stay with us or grab a bite.

Our Restaurant

  • food1Raisin Rice + Jerk Chicken
  • food3Our Buffalo Wings
  • food4Potato Salad + Jerk Chicken
  • food5Our Grilled Chicken Burger
  • food6Our Curried Prawns



I got a pleasant surprise to find this level of luxury in this part of Guyana. I stayed for two night visiting friends from the sugar estate and I got 30% off the car rental (rented the convertible). The staff was very helpful and I did not miss home.

John – Florida, USA

After arriving on the Canawaima ferry from Suriname my family and I just needed a place to eat. The food was good. The accommodations were so inviting that we ended up spending the night in Berbice. I must say I was pampered.

Florence – Paramaribo, Suriname.

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